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Check out some of the loglines for Alanah’s work below!

Completed Scripts

feature film, thriller

When a vicious virus comes to New York City, a health conscious young woman must protect herself by any means necessary.
*Alanah is available to write on commissionIf you are interested in a commissioned script, please contact Alanah here

In Development

The Birds at Night
feature film, horror/thriller

Four women on a bachelorette weekend awaken the spirit of a hundred year old witch. Now, the bride to be must discover who this witch is and how to defeat her before it's too late.
*One of Coverfly's Top 25% Scripts
The Captive
feature film, horror/thriller

While working over the holidays, a receptionist discovers a portal that leads to another dimension, and the creature that may know more about her than she realizes.
Heartbreak Anthems (working title)
feature film, comedy

After following her granddaughter to a music festival, and promptly being shunned by her, a grandmother uses an up and coming pop start to win her approval back.
Untitled Argentine Murder Mystery
feature film, erotic thriller

In post World War II Buenos Aires, a woman discovers her lover murdered her husband and framed an innocent man for it. Now, she must find clues to prove his guilt before the framed man is given the death sentence..
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