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Short Film
Written, Directed & Produced by Alanah Rafferty
Lead Actor: Alanah Rafferty

Screened at 10 festivals around the country
*Acting Award for Alanah Rafferty at Northern Frights Film Festival
*Nominated for Best Screenwriting for a Short at Nightmares Film Festival

Mutiny, a proof-of-concept tech thriller, tells the story of young reporter who discovers a terrible virus that may be linked to social media. As she dives deeper into the story, and her anxiety starts to take over, she must decide whether the real enemy is out there, or in her mind.


Mutiny premiered at the 2019 HorrorHound Film Festival in Cincinnati, and continued to screen at over 10 film festivals. Cable TV subscribers can currently watch Mutiny on Shorts TV. The film is also streaming on Bloody Disgusting's short film streaming platform, World of Death.

Reviews for mutiny

PRess for mutiny

"It is taut, terrifying, and prophetic in its portrayal of a 21st-century pandemic."- Bloody Disgusting

Alanah Rafferty is interviewed by The Cinema Guys at the HorrorHound Film Festival

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