About Alanah

Alanah Rafferty was born and raised in Mamaroneck, NY. Her love of art and performance started in elementary school, performing in school plays. She starred in her first short film at age 14 as Amanda in Chords, from Indecent Exposure Productions. Since then, she’s starred in two features, multiple off Broadway plays, and spec commercials. 

Alanah began screenwriting at 15, writing comedy, horror and sci-fi scripts when home from school. It wasn’t until college that she truly pursued a profession as a filmmaker, starting as a production assistant on independent short films and TV shows such as Doctor Who. Her first film as a director, Grey Matters, was made in conjunction with The New Agenda Foundation, and now plays in colleges across the country. After producing and directing a few more corporate films and PSAs, she decided to take the leap into bringing an original work of hers to life. Mutiny, a proof-of-concept thriller, was filmed in 2018, and after a successful film festival run acquired digital and cable distribution.

Alanah continues to seek out and create projects as a performer and filmmaker. She loves to work on projects that have a unique perspective on the world and the issues of today.